Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. I feel blessed and honored to have run unopposed twice, and again have the opportunity to serve the great people of our community. Together, we can continue to do great things for District 10 and St. Tammany Parish!

I have always made my theme, Promises Made, Promises Kept. There is a reason for that—I made a promise to you to be responsive to your needs, to improve traffic and drainage, to protect the rights of residents, to keep our parish beautiful and to ensure government remains accountable to our citizens. I kept my promises and will continue to keep them.

Please send a message if you'd like to make a comment, have a question or participate in any future event. I look forward to hearing from you!

Key Accomplishments:

• Protected homeowner rights to rebuild residential, regardless of whether a property has been rezoned commercial
• Ensured beautification around parish property to protect the integrity of neighborhoods
• Worked with Southeastern University to determine fair pay for parish employees
• Annually secured & directed several $100,000s in road & drainage upgrades, totaling more than $4 million in improvements
• Led community meetings to allow citizen input into important zoning decisions
• Voted against millage roll-ups to prevent property owners from paying higher taxes
• Opposed bureaucracy from expanding to stay within budget constraints

Voter Amendment Guide 2023.

Voter Guide for Amendments 2023

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Link to Abigail Licatino's Facebook post for context.

"A Parish Council-member’s most important job is to properly represent their constituents, in every way. I listen to the people and do the things that will best help their lives & their families. On big, important votes, if I don’t have enough input, I will reach out to people in various walks of life getting feedback, so I can ensure that I’m properly representing my district."

"I want to make good decisions. I’ve reached out to Southeastern University‘s Business Department to get data which helped me with my decision on employee salaries. Regarding the new coroner’s salary, I looked at salaries in different parishes with similar populations, national salaries of counties with similar populations, and a national bell curve before I made any recommendations."

"A lift station in my district was originally planned to be a white metal building. I did not believe that was appropriate, so cinder blocks were filled with cement to protect from noise and smell. The exterior of the building is brick with a nice roof, and we also did some landscaping. That change was very important for the quality of life of people living nearby."

Councilwoman Maureen O’Brien is completely invested in serving others.

Her insight is sharp; her instincts are sound. As a Parish Councilwoman, she has emerged as a voice of reason. Her work is impeccable and her achievements seem limitless. But what makes her stand out, is her ability and willingness to manage any

constituent need or request at a moment’s notice. It’s the reason The Alliance for Good Government recognized her as its Legislator Of The Year.